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Friendship Indiana Flea Market welcomes you to a unique buying, selling and trading experience.  Friendship is one of the unique experiences in the world of flea markets. Surrounded by hills, the town of Friendship, Indiana, USA, basks in quiet solitude for most of each year. Hosting one of the world's largest Black Powder Shoots, it comes alive twice a year, Spring and Fall (2nd full weekend through the 3rd full weekend; June and September). Teaming with activity thousands of visitors pour into the area. Here you see an example of one of the booths and some of the shoppers who frequent the market.


Big Silk Panties and Bras for Big Babes

A familiar site and one that brings visitors again and again to the full circle of the market, a tree full of big panties and bras. Bringing smiles and conversation every time they are seen, you can take some home for that Big Babe of yours. You can also buy your very own Friendship TShirt and a lot of other great stuff at this spot.



1- camping for visitors, $5 per night per adult, site minimum per night is $8

2- a nightly dance floor (9:00 PM to 12:00 PM) with live band

3- shower houses not one but two

4- working silver and goldsmiths on the grounds

5- honest to pete garbage pick up every day

6- all roads are blacktopped and are wheel chair accessible

7- a bit whacky but really nice vendors

8- the flavor that is only "FRIENDSHIP" created by the wonderful mix of the people and the things you will find here

Like most markets, Friendship is filled with examples of about anything; Antiques from Grandma's attic, beads from Africa, clothing old and new, beads, bone, horn, feathers and furs for southwestern artistry, glassware, jewelry, pet supplies, shoes, yard decor, the all time favorite your choice of dust collectors and much more. It's all here at our market and increases in quantity in spite of rain, sleet or snow thru the dependability of daily deliveries by the United Parcel Service. Reservations are suggested for selling spots as well as those for camping. Visitor parking is $3.




Yes, we do have food. Food establishments are distributed around the market but probably the best known is the Buffalo Burger stand. For a tasty, low in fat content sandwich, the buffalo burger will hit the spot. Don't forget to check out the pizza, the taco salads, pork tenderloins and other food stands also. For dessert, a pineapple whip from the soft serve stand will hit the spot.


Beautiful Views

We have them at Friendship but it's suggested you prepare for anything in the way of weather as it loves to kick up it's heels when the market is in full swing. Rain is a regular occurrence and this beautiful view has been known to rage a little. Many of our vendors carry umbrellas just in case you forget yours.


The man, with a smile that doesn't quit,
welcomes you to join his Flea Market family.


Rosemary and Jan

Always wearing big smiles, they take care of the the front desk and all serious business. They can assist you in getting settled and they encourage you to visit or to become a part of the selling market.

Vendor sites are 10 x 10 inside and 20 x 20 outside and priced at $150 each for 9 full days. Vendors are welcome a week before the show to setup or relax a while for $3 per person per night.  Spend more time just to relax before the show, $5 per person per night until the week before the show whereby the price of $3 kicks in. For more information or to make reservations for the selling season, contact:


Friendship Associates


Dial Jan at: (859) 341-9188

Dial Tom and Rosemary at: (859) 341-1400

BY PHONE ONLY: 812-667-5645

Snail Mail: Friendship Associates, C/O Jan Schnell, 946 Kyles Lane, Covington, Kentucky 41017

Dial us at the flea market during market weeks: (812) 667-5645


Vendor Spaces, Camp Sites,
and Merchandise Sales
are subject to:
Indiana State Sales Tax


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