Flea Market History

In the year 2017 the market celebrated 50 years in Friendship, Indiana.

The founders of the Friendship Flea Market are Tom and Rosemary Kerr.

Rosemary and Tom Kerr

Tom and Rosemary Kerr

The first show was held in August, 1968. There were 14 booths set up.  In the spring of 1969 they had 47 vendors, and by that fall there were 148 set-ups.  It has grown over the years and the market now boasts approximately 500 vendor spaces. It has developed into a huge success, more than ever hoped.

The Flea Market is located just one mile east of town on State Road 62 and has two – 9 days shows every year in June and September, held the same days when the National Muzzle Loading Rifle Association (NMLRA) hold their Spring and Fall Shoot. The show always starts on Saturday of the second full weekend through the third full weekend of June and September. The market opens daily at 9 a.m. and the attendance swells to heavy on the weekend.  During the week, it is easier to move around and browse the displays. Most vendors stay open until 7 p.m.

Everything imaginable can be found at the flea market.  Look for unlimited treasures including:

Big Bras and Panties for Big Babes

Big Bras and Panties for Big Babes

furniture, knives, guns, antiques, jewelry, clothes, rugs, toys, tools, lots of leather and related items to the more primitive.  Feel free to observe some of the patrons authentically dressed in buckskins, loincloths, and pioneer garb. This feeling of yesteryear, thankfully, is not forgotten in Friendship, Indiana.

Be sure to dress how you feel comfortable. Plan to stay the day and take in everything. You won’t go hungry; every aisle has a different aroma!  Enjoy BBQ, sausages, corn dogs, steak sandwiches, cajun food, pizza, or soft pretzels with cheese. Desserts will tempt you also, with deep fried Oreos, creamy whip and funnel cakes with any topping your heart desires. We also have several food vendors that feature great country breakfasts if you frequent the market in the early hours.

There are horse drawn trolley rides available to take you to and from town, allowing you to visit the NMLRA and more market spaces near downtown Friendship. The fun doesn’t end early;  we now have Live Music Entertainment during the flea market on the weekends.

Due to vendor and continued customer patronage, many improvements have been made. There is plenty of parking, clean restrooms with showers, and paved roads that make it easy to push those strollers around. This is a family event and all are invited!

This Southeastern Indiana attraction isn’t the place to drive through if you’re in a hurry, so plan to come and enjoy your day. Some just can’t see it all in a day so if you would like to “stay awhile”, bring your camping supplies.