Vendor Guidelines

Friendship Flea Market is a fun place.  We have a laid back atmosphere 15fsf1383which brings in vendors for selling and visitors who come to have fun and spend money.

All vendors must adhere to laws and maintain respectability.

Space Setup:  Vendors, you are REQUIRED to be set up and ready for opening by 9:00 a.m. on the first Saturday of the show.  If you have purchased a space but cannot comply with our show schedule, NOTIFY THE OFFICE IMMEDIATELY, as any unoccupied spaces will be resold.  After set up, you are REQUIRED to be open EVERY day by 9:00 a.m.  ALL NINE DAYS, ANY VENDOR THAT DOES NOT OPEN EVERY DAY will lose their space for the next show.  Our number at the office is (812) 667-5645.  Office hours are 9:00 a.m. until 7:00 p.m.


Motor Vehicle Use:  Friendship’s insurance does not cover the use of motorized vehicles during normal business hours at Friendship Flea Market.  We do have “Special Vehicle Permits” we will issue for disabled persons or limited business use.

Food and Beverage:  Food and beverage is to be sold by food vendors, ONLY.  If you wish to carry any packaged items (chips, cookies, gum, etc.) it must be approved by the Office.

Illegal Goods and Prohibited Items:  NO illegal goods of any kind are to be sold on Friendship Flea Market grounds. Prohibited items:  fireworks, drugs or drug paraphenalia, alcohol for sale, counterfeit items of ANY kind (clothes, purses, jewelry, DVD’s, etc.).  Any discovery of illegal goods will be reported immediately to the proper authorities and the use or sale of fireworks is grounds for your non-return to Friendship as a vendor.

Trash:  Please keep your area organized, clean/free of debris so views are pleasant and safe, and the visitors’ shopping experience is enhanced.  Crush or flatten boxes and cartons meant for garbage pick up and place them for pick up next to the garbage barrels.  Garbage pick up is daily in the early mornings.

Pets:  If you (Vendors and Visitors) must bring a pet, please see that your pet does not harass or threaten other people or animals.  Exercise must be done a leash (NO LOOSE ANIMALS) and owners MUST CLEAN UP after their pets.

Bath Facilities:  Restrooms and showers are available in two buildings, one on the lower end and one located midway above the first.  Portable restrooms are situated in various places on the grounds.  Please help keep these areas clean.

Sanitation:  The sanitation company comes to the flea market on Monday and Thursday during the show.  The cost is $28.00 to have your RV pumped.